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Skytrack expands its portfolio with new machines for fruit growing and agriculture (PHOTOS + VIDEO)
Skytrack has expanded its product portfolio with new agricultural machines for farmers. It is available again - TOP quality from European manufacturers, and the prices are without competition.
Trailers for small tractors
AGRA 2020
SKYTRAK presented new ISEKI tractors at AGRA fair
The official importer of the brand ISEKI presents the Japanese brand of tractors with an extensively arranged stand, covering all models for the needs of farmers with farms, fruit and vegetable gardens, as well as vineyards.
Lavender cultivator - a new product in Skytrak's portfolio
The new lavender cultivator comes in two modifications - with a fertilizer and no fertilizer module. The working width of the single row machine can be adjusted

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Petar Petrov
I process 120 acres of orchards. I bought a new ISEKI tractor from Skytrak. I am very pleased with the top quality oif the tractor and service, provided by Skytrak
Daniel Mitkov
I bought a used Kubota tractor from Skytrak. He has been working flawless for several months. I am impressed by the rich spare parts availability in the warehouse
Zhivko Karakachanov
The attitude towards the client in Skytrak is more than special. I can say that with the company team we are even friends. For machines - there is everything you need!
Mitko Dereliev
I bought a used Kubota 30 hp tractor from Skytrak. My impressions from the workshop and the team are excellent! Now I'm thinking of buying a new ISEKI tractor because I have increased my farm land