Scraper - Sprinkler for potatoes and beans plants

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The machine performs high-quality crop rotation by forming bedding and drains. The stems of the plants are highly embraced with soft soil, which protects them, provides humidity and nourishment. In addition, the machine clears grass and unwanted vegetation in the gap.

The machine has 3 modules, which provide processing and quality 2-line rotation.

The working width is 1.6 meters and allows precise mechanical adjustment according to the field rows.

The volume of the manure hopper is 130 liters, and in addition the machine has a decontamination module.
The mass of the hammer is 250 kg, aggregated to tractors with a power of at least 20 hp. The construction is made of sturdy steel components guaranteeing long service life.

The new machine, which Skaterak brings to the attention of vegetable growers in Bulgaria - saves time, removes the dependence on recruiting seasonal workers and ensures quality development of the sown areas.
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