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Skytrak launched new potato seed drill with modul for fertilizers and crop protection

two-row potato seed drill
The new Greek two-row potato seed drills are already available on the Bulgarian market after order for producing made by Skytrak Ltd . The machines are made from robust components and provide excellent seeding at high productivity. They save costs and valuable time compared to manual sowing and hugging.

The sowing interval is adjustable from 70 to 75 cm. The depth of planting is 10 to 30 cm, and the planting distance can be from 17 to 40 cm.

Thanks to the fertilizer hopper and the application module for deworming preparation, the entire planting process takes place with one passing of the seed drill.

The cargo hopper has a capacity of 330 liters or 250 kg, and the fertilizer hopper has a volume of 175 liters or 230 kilograms. The torque setting can be adjusted from 30 to 140 kg. per hectare.

The seed drill is suitable for aggregating to small-sized tractors and provides economy and smooth operation. Its mass is 250 kg.

For more information, technical features and prices, please contact us at : 00359888666000
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