Skytrak launches New models of mounted lawn mowers

Skytrak launches New models of mounted lawn mowers

20 April 2017
New models of mounted rotor lawn mowers is launching Skytrak at promotional prices. The machines are high quality craftsmanship and are produced in Poland. All are new imports this week and cover the needs for small-sized, medium-class and universal tractors.

The working width of the new rotor lawn mowers is as follows:

- Working width: 1.35 meters "Mini" with short arm (for small tractors);
* Aggregate to 18 hp tractors

- working width: 1.35 meters "Standart" - for tractors with a power of 25 k, with,

- Working width: 1.65 meters - For tractors with a power of 40 hp And larger universal tractors

In addition to the new sheeted lawn mowers, Scaterak offers farmers' needs and an upgraded version of their multi-purpose, multi-purpose, multi-purpose rotor lawn mowers with a working width of 1.20 and 1.40 meters.

All mowers are provided with transport - either own or courier companies, depending on your address.

For more info: +359888 666 000

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