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Strong participation at AGRA 2018 and special guests from ISEKI Japan and ISEKI France, valued Skytrak

Over the past week, Skytrak has reported an intense business and commercial program. During the AGRA 2018 International Agricultural Exhibition in Plovdiv, guests of the company ISEKI - Japan & ISEKI France, visited the new tractor trade and service center of Skytrak.

The guests were impressed by the professional concept of a commercial office, a showroom, a large spare parts warehouse, a service center and an open warehouse and commercial area of ​​nearly 2 hectares.

In addition, the manager of Skytrak - Konstantin Vangelov acquainted the guests of ISEKI with the plan for expansion of the warehouse and logistics base with new 2 hectares, which will be built in the following months.

In the framework of business talks at Skytrak base, better price parameters of the new ISEKI tractors were discussed and adopted, which would be even more accessible to Bulgarian farmers. The aim is to increase the volume of market share of Japanese tractors from the prestigious ISEKI brand.

At the AGRA 2018 exhibition at the International Fair Plovdiv, the guests from Japan and ISEKI France participated in the premiere of the new series of ISEKI TLE tractors, which are offered at extremely competitive prices and caused a strong interest among hundreds of farmers. Only on the first day of the fair, the traders of Skytrak sold 4 tractors of the new series.

Throughout the days of the AGRA exhibition, the exhibition space of the company Skytrak, which featured all the new models of ISEKI Japanese tractors and the full range of attachments for soil cultivation, sowing, plant protection and fertilization, was full of visitors - long-standing clients of the company and new customers attracted by quality machines and extremely competitive prices.

Skytrak reported a strong interest in the CARRERA brand - moulching shredders  and mowers with auto-diverting sections, as well as the AGRON sprayers, manufactured with Italian components and distinguished by top quality and best in class price. Strong interest also were on the fertilizers Megametal, specialized machines for vegetable growing, fruit growing and viticulture, as well as all types of cultivation equipment - plows, cultivators, disc harrows etc.

During all the days of the AGRA exhibition in Plovdiv, the interest in the full range of agro-technology and the overall technological solutions provided by Skytrak and, in addition, the preferential leasing, the exhibition pavilion was constantly full of customers. This fact in itself speaks of the professional attitude to every inquiry and client.

Additional photos from the participation of Skytrak in AGRA 2018 can be viewed at the gallery in this post as well as on our Facebook page. For more information, inquiries about machines and current promotional prices: 00359/888 666 000; 00359/878 666 000
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