Iseki TG 6370 is specially developed for the needs of vegetable and fruit growers

Iseki TG 6370 is specially developed for the needs of vegetable and fruit growers

14 September 2016
Skytrak presents to the farmers the model of ISEKI - TG 6370 - compact, manoeuvrable, suitable for small and medium sized agricultural farms. The TG 6370 is a practical tractor that caters to the needs of vegetable growers and fruit growers, thanks to its high standard equipment and great functionality.

The TG 6370 is equipped with a 1650 m3 three-cylinder diesel engine that fully complies with the European STAGE III B emission requirements. The power of the tractor starts at 40 hp. The capacity of the fuel tank is 40 liters. The maximum speed is 36 km / h.

The tractor is equipped with a synchronized Power Shift with two clutches, 24 front and 24 rear speeds, and wheel drive 4x4. The tractor also features SMART SHIFT technology for automatic switching without torque interruption. The revolutions of the independent PTO 540 and 1000 rpm, with a soft start feature. The braking system is with wet discs.

The hinged system is a CAT II three-point with two pairs of double acting hydraulic valves, with a maximum lifting weight of 1270 kg. The capacity of a hydraulic pump is 75 liters per minute. The tractor is equipped with a loader joystick.

The model provides operator comfort thanks to the framed doors and large windows that provide comfortable work during all weather conditions. The cabin is air-conditioned, with air filtering capability, the control panel is digital and displays all the functions used at the time of operation. The Iseki TG 6370 is capable of 360 degree viewing, allowing excellent operator visibility in every situation.
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